Where can i find the routes?

You can find the routes here. You can also download them off the Trailforks App.

Are dogs allowed?

Friendly dogs are allowed. They must be on leash or have perfect recall. They cannot be left alone in camp or in your car. Dogs cannot be in the food tent area or on the 24 hour race course. You are responsible for picking up their poop. We will have water around camp. Dog owners should watch out for snakes, cactus, and pad damage due to sandy trails. Remember, not everyone loves your dog, so be respectful and keep your dog with you and under your control at all times. Any problem doggos will be asked to leave.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes but a catered dinner (Saturday) and breakfast (Sunday) are provided. Feel free to bring your own snacks or supplemental food. That being said, no campfires/firepits or glass are allowed. Elk Basin in now included in Grizzly Bear Habitat so we have to abide by all rules and regulations associated with it and thus, BBQ-ing is not allowed. If you have a cooking set up inside your RV or camper, feel free to use that.

We'll also have HAMMER NUTRITION at aid stations and on site for all your hydration needs!

Do I need to worry about wildlife?

Worry, no. Be aware, yes. Elk Basin, as designated by the BLM, is part of Grizzly Bear Habitat. That being said, we will be taking precautions to ensure our camping are is free of unsecured food or attractants. All volunteers on the course will be equipped with bear spray. Feel free to carry bear spray with you during your races or general recreating. This is also rattlesnake country so be aware of the 'nope-ropes' on the trails.

What amenities are there?

  • Medical Tent

  • Catered dinner and breakfast

  • Portable toilets and handwashing stations

  • Trash and can recycling

  • Live Music

  • Bike Mechanic

  • Bonfire (if fire restrictions permit)

What should I bring?

All of your running and/or biking gear

Camping gear (tent, pads, sleeping bags)

Headlamp (required for all 24 hour participants)

Clothing for cold and wet weather




what is the weather like?

Bring clothes for warm weather and cold nights. It can also be windy, rainy, and maybe snowy....but hopefully it's just sunny!

The last few years the temps down there have ranged from 46 to 75.

can you charge batteries?

No. You are responsible for all of your charging and battery needs.

Is there cell service or wifi?

No. There is definitely not any wi-fi but there are spots in camp and on the course that you can squeak out a bit of cell service to make a call or send a text.

How much does it cost?

Depends on what you want to do. Visit the registration page for more info.

Can I bring my spouse/partner/kids/friends?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, but if you bring other people with you that aren't participating in events, they cannot bring their own vehicle. They can purchase dinner and breakfast in the catering line for $20 a meal. They will not receive an event shirt.

What are the rules about kids?

Kids of any age can participate in the events as long as they are capable and do not pose a threat to themselves or others while participating. Please consider your child's ability level before signing them up for an event.

Kids under the age of 14 CANNOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED. This is not a free-for-all and there are no babysitters available. This means you cannot leave your kid at the main camping area while you go ride without another adult present in camp to supervise them.

are there any kid-specific races?

Yes! There will be a kids run and bike. It will be less than 3 miles. Details to come.

If I'm not spending the night, can I still come?

Yes, we're on public lands after all! You can participate in the DITBY Routes (three marked and self-timed races) or come to visit and we'll have a designated day-use parking area. However, we cannot guarantee you a parking space so we suggest just signing up and coming for the weekend! You cannot park on the road.

I registered a team, when do you need the rest of my team's info?

We'll send out an email closer to the event requesting all the information of your teammates. This allows you time to solidify a team and make any changes necessary before event day. You can add more people to your team after your initial registration (up to 8 people on a team), but there will be a fee. If you are dropping team members, there will be no refunds issued.

Is there a camp map?

You can find the camp map here.

Is there a course map?

Courses for the DITBY routes can be found here.

The 24 Hours of Elk Basin RUN course can be found here.

The 24 Hours of Elk Basin BIKE course can be found here. The route is about 10 miles of single track and doubletrack. Elk Basin features trails made by motorcycles, some new trails etched in by mountain bikers and old access roads.

where can i find more info about the bike?

if I'm in the 24 hour, can I ride/run at the same time as my teammates?

No. All 24 hour teams can only have one rider/runner on the course at a time.

How do the DITBY routes work?

DITBY Routes consist of 3 marked routes varying in distance. Participants can complete them on their own at any time during Saturday and before Sunday at 1. After the route is completed, there will be a self-reported score board where you will fill in your time. Run one route or all three. Honesty is required for this event! Winners and prizes will be announced at the end of the event.

Can i use a pedal-assist or electric bike?

You are more than welcome to use a pedal-assist or electric bike or moto bike on the trails. However, you cannot use them for competition.